Escort service, counseling and support for returning residents and new immigrants

The topics in which you can get advice and assistance?

  • Ministry of Aliyah benifits
  • National Insurance institute benifits
  • Ministry of Interior services
  • Local municipals 
  • The documents needed to move back to Israel
  • Conduct with  various services that are needed 
  • Accommodation
  • Students rights 
  • Organizing towards the return to Israel
  • Employment
  • Parental guidance 
  •  Shiping 
  • Assistance in finding service providers

2 options are available:

Monthly Subscription plan

(A plan built especially in the corona period):

Monthly escort for 550 NIS per month 

-1 hours call with unlimiteded WhatsApp texting

* The use of the service can be purchased each month

 * 5% Supplement to pay via PayPal

Private counselting/individual therapy:

For those interested in counseling/coaching/individual therapy related to relocation, departure, career counseling and personal empowerment. And/or parental guidance for parents for children and youth who return to Israel. 

* The duration of the accompaniment and what it includes is determined by the first call of acquaintance. To set a preliminary call (also possible via Skype/Google)

* Individual 1 hours call cost -310 NIS 

* 5% Supplement to pay via PayPal


To participate in workshops and groups about the return to Israel: workshops, lectures and groups in the field of return to Israel

To receive additional information and registration

Dial 054-9092289 or fill out a form and get back to you

What customers say:

"To my dear sherry! Thank you for opening your home and talents to us. You have allowed us a hug and safe place to be us and express ourselves openly and in honesty. In such a powerful and special period, it is a privilege to be in a supportive group. Thanks all your heart. Highly appreciated. "
' Dear Shari! We have no words to describe the feelings of gratitude and recognition we feel. You stood by us all along, when we first started thinking in the direction, and you were on our side by now. You have listened, supported, advised, empowering, helped us in any way and in every subject we have approached you, even if he was weird, and you know what I mean... And to me personally you were a listening ear, and you helped me to understand the directions I aspire to. Thank you very much for everything. I will recommend you to anyone who needs help and support, even on the subject of return to Israel and in general. The woman who is a true and caring wife, caring, maternal, creative, who always understands the other side and knows what to say at the right moment for us. Thank you again very much.
"Sherry, I am amazed by the miraculous ability to help without judgment and with astonishing sensitivity to every person." Thank you very much for all the help, containment, understanding, guidance and more of all humanity. From my experience with you it is clear that you understand firsthand what it means to return to Israel after a prolonged period abroad and the many challenges that are placed before returning. A your dedication that does not have a second is admirable. You always have time and good advice. You let me feel that I am not alone in the act, that there is someone there holding his hand, leading, showing the way and facilitating this intricate journey. I'll gladly recommend you to anyone who starts the exciting process of returning home.
In my first acquaintance with Sherry I tried to understand what was in it for me and whether to spend the money I was not completely closed. But I said to myself, the transition has been rising so much so invest accompanied. I am Israeli, fluent in Hebrew, has known the Israeli mentality and for 18 years abroad. I'm fine and I don't need any help. Yet I heard the abdominal parpuri and hired Sherry's services I was not sorry-from the moment the decision to come home there is so much tampering with so many factors that it is absolutely necessary. Sometimes I laughed that sherry was like the confidence of El Al-Erez and the mother to take The next-door accompaniment made it easy for us to make a soft landing in Israel. The chief Liszt and the calls to make sure that we really covered everything was wonderful but also the attentive ear that understood the frustration from the transition was necessary and vital. Her relationship with professionals doing the job is wonderful. The mental burden in transit is not simple and understandable. I came to a meeting in one of the government offices, as I had arranged, and suddenly in Lakout.... What I do here and what I need from them. Sherry was the phone guys in the right place and I answered. Wherever I felt trouble while I was abroad, I had saved the situation. They all have family, friends, and acquaintances, and they really want to help but sometimes you need to know that the transition is expensive, a lengthy process is even frustrating and we need to find professionals who will help us and stand on our side. This Saturday morning I'm with a newspaper and a coffee, and I have no doubt that the work we are 3 weeks in Israel, the girls at school, the cargo comes this week and most of the arrangements and the visits behind us is a lot thanks to Sherry's most dedicated work. Diana Fuller M
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