Why a website for returning to Israel?

The site’s goals

The first is to be the primary basis of updated information on any subject relating to return to Israel. From services providers specializing in returning residents, the first steps in front of the absorption bodies in Israel, and to the information relating to the life of Yom Israel. The site offers assistance packages and accompaniment for those interested in a light landing and quick acclimatization.

The second–which of you who has moved from state to country in the past, is aware of the many difficulties that emerge during the period of reconciliation, a period in which there is not always a sense of control, and the moods can vary in accordance with many factors that are not always dependent on us. On the site you will find many tips for coping with situations in which you may encounter and personal stories that offer ways of coping with various situations in which the return to Israel is encountered.

Good luck to everyone with the return to Israel.


A little bit about me

I’m a recurring resident. Today, about two and a half years since my return to Israel, and after two years of turning the return to Israel to the main duties source, I know, some facts I did not know when I was in the process of returning to Israel: 

First of all, to be prepared well before return, and to reach Israel are arranged and ready both in the bureaucratic and emotional way.

Each family has a slightly different way in accordance with the consumption and circumstances of arrival. Correct assessments and training prevent the entanglements of economic and bureaucratic acclimatization faster and easier. 

Secondly, although a loving family and good friends are waiting here, at the beginning of the way, returning to Israel feels very much alone. Very alone in the subjective coping of absorption in Israel. This coping is very personal since she meets each and every one in accordance with their family composition, the age of children, the number of years outside of Israel, their choice of whether to bring a container or not, the decision to return to the house and to the settlement from which they left the country or not, etc. According to a multitude of such considerations, it is determined by the challenging way that all returning and return to Israel.

My support is correct, which includes a correct assessment of family needs and its objectives significantly relieves the process of its recording and reconciliation. 

And if we get back to me: After several months in Israel, when things began to work out, and the feeling of control in my life, I was bothered by the thought that actually returning to Israel did not know what to do, and they are very alone in this matter. Then I had the decision that I would help as much as I could to return to Israel, so that they would be easier and they would not feel alone.

As a woman of treatment, and with the knowledge and experience I had accumulated when I returned to Israel with a family of six persons, I decided to take on myself to help, support and guide the return to Israel during the various stages of absorption in Israel, both in practical terms, and in the emotional sense.

Additional services

Today, in addition to this unique site, which binds and serves all the information they need returning residents on their journey to Israel in one place, the “Home for returning Residents” project contains additional information and support channels:

  • Support services for consultation and accompaniment of the returning residents.
  • The Facebook community supports and appears in the information. 
  • WATSAP groups according to residential areas throughout Israel.
  •  A database of services providers in a range of areas that specialize in the returning residents ‘ world, and work with me fluently to facilitate the returning residents ‘ return to Israel: real estate professionals throughout the country, treatment personnel, lawyers, employment consultants, vehicle acquisition support, mortgage advisors, home designers accountants and more.
  • Facebook group “Job jobs for returning residents”
  • “Shevut Adopt Shevut 2020” – families where Israel is adopting families who are in the process of returning to Israel.
  • Support services for consultation and accompaniment of the returning residents.
  • A monthly reselter will soon begin with the latest information for the returning residents.

I am proud to say that after two years of practice in the field, I have accumulated a great deal of knowledge, and many relationships with them, I support hundreds of families who return to Israel by means of different digital and individually.

Today I know that proper preparation, and proper accompaniment in the process from the moment of dilemma to return to full acclimatization, can save both precious time and unnecessary economic expenses.

I would be happy to stand at your disposal in any matter.