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Interested in professional counseling and guidance from a career consultant? Need help writing a resume?

If you are interested in understanding the right job for you, would like to be directed and supported in the search process, preparation for a job interview, connecting to organizations and help writing a resume, Revital Elias will be happy to stand by you.

Revital has been engaged in over a decade of human resources management and has had a great deal of experience in the world of career counseling in high-tech, industrial and medical organizations.

As part of our cooperation, Revital grants exclusive benefits to the customers “Back 2 Israel”:

List of Special Offers:

  1. 10% discount of service costs for each consultation session.
  2. Analysis of occupational tendencies using a questionnaire for occupational tendencies.

Are you interested in implementing the special offers for service by Revital Elias?

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