Information and assistance for returning residents and new
immigrants all the way till full return

What can you find here

The easy arrival guide

Here you will find tips and briefings that will accompany you from the moment you dilemma to return to the full acclimatization in Israel.


Here you will find personal stories, insights and thoughts based on my personal experiences.

Workshops and meetings

Here you will find workshops and groups related to return to Israel.

Special Offers

Here you can choose professional services in a range of fields related to return to Israel, including promotions and benefits.

A little bit about us.

The Back to Israel Home was established to help, accompany and support residents returning to Israel during their journey home in the most convenient, economical and easy way.

My name is Sary Machlev, and I am a group facilitator, a mentor of group facilitators and a clinical social worker.

As a therapiest, and with the knowledge and experience I had accumulated when I returned to Israel in the summer of 2017, I set up the “Makom Lehargish– “Back to Israel Home” in order to accompany and assist the new residents and immigrants during the way back to Israel.

From my personal experience, I’ve learned that proper accompaniment and professional guidance are required for a proper organization that leads to a faster acclimization, saving financial expenses, and avoiding unnecessary bureaucratic.

With proper planning and emotional tuning, the landing and reconciliation will be faster and easier, and parents can be more available to support the family in everything concerning their adjusting in Israel. Read more …


The site has valuble information about subjects related to the return to Israel issues. The uniqueness of the website is that in addition to the extensive information it provides, it is also used as a source of support.

I would be happy to accompany you on your journey back home, help with the benefits and rights, and enable you a quick, fast and pleasant landing!

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