Tips for the Adaption of Children In the Education System

The day the children enter their academic frameworks is an exciting day in the process of returning to Israel. This is the day we are planning around from the moment of making the decision to return to Israel, and even before-the education system is one of the main considerations in deciding when to return.

How are our children going to adapt to the schools? We moved them from country to country, separated them from their friends, their familiar place, and brought them to a new culture. Sounds not great, doesn't it?

This is really a significant day for us and our children. And there may be some not-so-simple days at first. Both academically and socially. Our children are forced to cope with a lot of new aspects-language, culture, making new friends, new school subjects, and even the appearance of the school is different.

In order to make it easier for them, it is important that we, the parents, radiate positivity. Even if on the inside, our stomach is turning, if we show them that we are calm, and are happy for them  that they are beginning their real lives here in Israel, they will also be calmer and feel more relaxed.

And why not? There's a lot of magic in starting over. To get into a new routine, meet new people, improve their Hebrew, and this is an excellent opportunity for them to introduce themselves to their new world with all their strengths- the individual personalities of each of them, but also their additional language, their familiarity with the world, the amazing experiences they have accumulated during their lives, their ability to settle in a new place. These are gifts that our children have received during their lives that will help them cope with difficulties throughout their lives.

And with these gifts, they should go with their heads held high to their schools.

My recommendations:

Talk to them in the days before their entry into the school. Search with them their strengths, learn to take advantage of them, remind them of their capabilities, encouraged them to come with a smile in the morning, even if it is difficult for them, encourage them to turn to the educational staff when things are not easy for them (and actually here in Israel it is easier to talk to the educational staff), explain to them that it is not terrible if they do not understand everything at the first, and there is no need to chase after the highest grades at the moment.

Explain to them that they can take their time to settle down, to concentrate on observing and getting to know their new environment, and that there is nothing to do, time will do its thing.

From my experience, the children coming from abroad attract attention in schools. Everyone knows who they are, everyone wants to get to know them. Encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity. They will get asked a lot of questions about their life abroad. Prepare your children for this matter. Make sure they know how to talk about their studies abroad, places that they visited, make sure that they know how to satisfy the Israeli curiosity and thus not feel alone.

And remember, each and every one of us has had periods of beginning in life. Whether in a new country, a job, the army, and so on… It always seems to be difficult and threatening at first, but if you look back, you can see we have been through a process, and in the end we finally settled. And we've gained a lot of things on the way– experiences, knowledge, friends for life and more.

So take a lot of air (and I know that these are words that are repeated a lot, but that's the way it is), and try to come with your children to school on Sunday with your head up and a wide smile for the new adventure in their lives.