First Steps After Initial Adaption Period

The period of routine in Israel began, and with it the "real life" in Israel began for those who returned this year.

The children are in schools, government ministries are open, and we, the parents, are left to finish all the tasks associated with the return to Israel in order to advance us and our families towards a blessed life in Israel.

So here are some tips for promoting things:

  • Whether you are working or not, do an ordered list of the tasks you have left. Prioritize it and set a number of reasonable tasks per week according to priorities. Take into account that there are procedures that take time, which means that you might want to start them if it's important that the matter is settled soon, or vice versa, to keep for a later stage when you're less busy, if it's a matter that can wait. Procedures that may take time: Home searches, driving licenses if necessary to go through the physical/written test, registration for studies and the settlement of the return through the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, opening a business, searching for work, recruitment process for the military's for those required, and more. In contrast, a settling of rights in the Ministry of Education, the Interior Ministry, and National Insurance should not take long.
  • Work search: A painful and sensitive subject. Try to be focused. There are websites, Facebook groups and human resource companies that specialize in various professions. In order not to overwhelm yourself, you should find out which sites are suitable for your profession. Focus on them. Beyond that, check with yourself exactly what you are looking for. Send resumes to jobs that are really relevant for you not to overwhelm yourself with a period that is anyways extra sensitive and stressful, with unnecessary interviews, and irrelevant disappointments. As much as you want to find a job, it's better to be focused on the search and not send resumes in every direction. You're full of tasks anyway and everything's new to you.
  • If you need to consult a professional, consult one. You can get counseling through the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption.
  • Time for yourself: It's time to try to breathe some air and look around. Children are in schools and routines. It's time to find an activity, a trip out of the area to enjoy some of the landscapes we haven't seen in a long time, meetings with friends to renew or build a relationship and more… At last the endless break for the children is over and there is free time to enjoy some quality time. Take advantage of this to recharge. If you are calm and content, the whole family will follow you as well.
  • And most importantly, especially in the field of bureaucracy and the search for work, as much as it sounds cliche, take a deep breath. Not everything is in your control so there's no point in being frustrated. Some things will not go as fast as you want, but eventually they will happen. Release your frustration at home, in sports, or here in the group, and not on the people in front of you. That's not going to solve your problem. Always try to smile, even in difficult moments, and tell yourself that soon it will work out… Believe me, it's working.

Remember, you are not far from the day, that your mess of chores shall be behind you, and the routine will be settled in your home.