How to Cope with Periods of Transitions

Transitions can be both internal — a developmental, physical emotional transition. And they are external-moving from place to place, switching between workplaces, changing relationships, motherhood and more…
In the case of all of us, there is no doubt that we are doing an external, large and noticeable transition in every field of our life and it affects not only us, but also those around us.
Whether we choose this transition, or feel that it is forced upon us, the transition from country to country is so large, and includes every aspect of our lives, until we may feel that our control of the situation is shaking. Then we may give any external situation that comes our way, whether it has done us good or not, to influence us, our state of mind, our behavior, our worldview, and thus paint us the reality, in accordance with a momentary situation that does not always reflect our reality.
There may be a situation that an external source , such as a person unknown to us whose services we need, and whose influence of our lives is supposed to be minor, due to a certain response, will affect us in a way that determines the way we experience the transition we have made. And perhaps another day, or in another situation, that same person could have, in the same circumstantial way, painted our reality in completely different colors.
So what can we do at such a complicated time in our lives to regain control over our feelings and to paint our life with our pleasant colors?
-Use our ability to choose. Choose how we want to see reality. How to control our feelings. Choose how much we take to heart of any challenge that comes in our way, and how to react to it. Choose who will affect our lives and who will not.
-To see in any challenge on the way as a lever to our personal development. If we were able to overcome that particular challenge, its a sign we learned how to handle it. And the next few times will be easier to handle.
-Try and look at the world in an optimistic way. Optimism is a worldview that sees our world as positive in its essence. A world view that says that eventually things will work out for the better. Sometimes it's hard to be optimistic. In times that objectively, it is not easy for us, but it is an approach that needs to be adopted, and to work on all the time to remember it. Over time it will become a habit.
-It is important to pay attention to our successes, and not just our failures. Success does not have to be measured in large terms. Success on a busy day can be sticking with our schedule for the day. On the other hand, we will try not to treat momentary lack of success as part of a chain of events but as its own independent event.
-When a negative thought sneaks up on you, try to replace it with a positive thought. For example, in a new place, instead of thinking that I don't know anyone, I can think of what a wonderful opportunity has fallen in my hands to meet a lot of new people, and to expand my friend circle.
-Smile a lot. This biologically affects the mood and also causes the environment to smile at us in return.
It is important to remember that from transition you can grow. Every experience is a source of learning!
I wish us all an easy landing, and that our adaption will be painted in the colors we chose for ourselves.